Christian McKay, Andrea Deck, Ben Cura, Tom Bateman, Simon Callow, Creditors


At the Student Center Auditorium, at 4pm, we have Beryl Magoko’s The Cut. The Kuria in At 6pm, we have two screenings for the community to choose from. At the Student Center Auditorium, we will be screening two films about the stage: Andrea Baldini’s Ferdinand Knapp, and Creditors by Ben Cura. The titular Ferdinand Knapp is the pre-eminent actor of French theatre, revered by all. In preparing for a new play, the lines between his character’s malevolent personality and his own begin to blur. His double warps his reality into a nightmare and compels him to commit an irredeemable act. In Creditors, a love triangle is unraveled when a young painter is approached by an admirer who eases him into making sense of his relationship with his wife. Based on August Strindberg’s 1888 play, “Creditors” is a modern re-telling of Strindberg’s story of love, betrayal, revenge and psychological manipulation, which he considered to be his one true masterpiece.